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        天長市康美達新型絕熱材料有限公司 關于我們 企業簡介

        聯系我們/Contact Us

        • 地 址:安徽省天長市金集鎮工業園
        • 電 話:025-85526020
        • 傳 真:025-85526020-8220
        • 郵 箱:rockwool#vip.163.com(#改@)



        As a director unit of China Insulation Association and the rock wool R﹠D base of Nanjing Glass Fiber Research Institute, Kangmeida New Insulation Material Company of Tianchang City specializes in the research, production, sales of the rock wool and promotes its application in many new fields. Kangmeida locates in the industrial zone, Jinji town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province and covers an area of 8 hectares, around which there are several highways of developed logistics to the foreign trade ports. The company was registered in a capital of 25 million yuan RMB and its annual output value now is about 100 million yuan with an annual profit of about 12 million yuan.
        The workshop area in the company is over 30,000㎡ in which the company has built a fully automatic rock wool production line of an annual output up to 50,000 tons and an automatic mortar production line special for buildings of an annual output up to 30,000 tons. With the complete quality control system, the professional inspection and testing equipments and skilled workers, Kangmeida has already approved and licensed by ISO9001, CCS, ABS, the Ministry of Industry of China, the Fire Administration of the Ministry of Public Security of China, and the rock wool products have been confirmed to spread their applications in many provinces. We have complete product specifications including the rock wool board of normal style and hydrophobic style, the High temperature resistant rock wool, the rock wool strip, tube, felt, the formaldehyde free rock wool and the pure wool. All their bulk density are in 40-250㎏/m&sup3;, the thickness are in 20-200mm, the acidity is 2.5 and the tensile strength is above 10kg/cm2. Therefore, all the products have been widely used in those fields of buildings, ship-constructions, energy structure, transportation and modern agriculture and so on. We have a stable team of about 150 skilled professional technicians and workers who guarantee the production quality and the sustainable development for the company.
        Upholding the idea of health, perfect and generousness, Kangmeida is striving for a harmonious, continuous, creative environment and constructing an honest and mutual beneficial business platform for all the customers at home and abroad.


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